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RT @Prismtechnical: TRUST THE PROCESS. Prism’s twenty-five years of achieving diversity and inclusion work speaks for itself #DiversityandInclusion https://t.co/RbCrmENQLS
RT @nsedef: #Diversity ? or just lip service #DiversityandInclusion "Why women in tech are being Photoshopped in instead of hired" https://t.co/jLhpo3bHfv via @voxdotcom
RT @Achievers: #MondayMotivation: Share the importance of #DiversityandInclusion with your colleagues. Learn more about how to make a difference in your organization in Achievers' #WorkforceInstitute report: https://t.co/AHr7Dne0Ls https://t.co/5qy0vEOad1
RT @DiversityStock: Our Co-Founder @LGcarter talked with @adobestock for Father's Day about why diverse representation is so important for the next generation and his goals to increase his own son's appreciation for the world we live in. https://t.co/8uzEDv81sN #photography #DiversityandInclusion https://t.co/bPezVBLnks
RT @AWEwomen: "...greater gender diversity leads to 'increased productivity, greater innovation, better decision-making, and higher employee retention and satisfaction...'" #GenderDiversity #DiversityandInclusion https://t.co/2V4WnZkDe4
RT @NCATA_DEI: Thank you @HRC @LGBTQNATA @EDACNATA @NAACP @nccdd @ADANational @CivilRights for keeping us informed & advocating for #equity #DiversityandInclusion @NCATA_DEI @D3_MAATA @NCATA1974 @NATA1950
Human error still the cause of many data breaches https://t.co/Ic6EMSEz2O https://t.co/pZnyliFgHW
4 ways new workplace technologies are helping leaders build more productive communities | Dynamic Business – Small Business Advice – Forums | Dynamic Business Australia https://t.co/CPyW46B5FU https://t.co/nJA59TRM5K
Avoid a Costly Trademark ‘War of Words’ With a Strong Trademark. Here’s What You Need to Know https://t.co/yxWQqp2yRG https://t.co/5DzYNYp474
Your crisis affects customers? Take these 3 steps quickly https://t.co/IEnvV43FN4 https://t.co/sGy4E8UJyF
Value For Money LMS: Why You Should Find One https://t.co/kdT0UvnbYD https://t.co/5gnpwRD4ly
Protecting against Cybersecurity’s Weakest Link: The Human Factor – Cyber Defense Magazine https://t.co/XO4A6uVkNP https://t.co/DAUUP7OzoW
Survey: Data-center staffing shortage remains challenging https://t.co/rEvWvxSlsc https://t.co/e1dw1ZQMIF
RT @ROINJNews: #NJ companies certainly seem to place an emphasis on #DiversityandInclusion hiring practices and working to close the gender income gap. But statistics continue to show there is much more work to be done. https://t.co/ER06iONTJn
RT @ShumbaConsulti1: In our communities and today’s workplace, consistent and continuous education, training and policies that focus on diversity and inclusion awareness are essential for courageous organizations. @ShumbaConsulti1 @BlackBusinessNS @halifaxchamber @CEED_NS #DiversityandInclusion
RT @animaleadership: "Solutions to systemic issues like racial inequity often tackle symptoms, such as demographic representation, and overlook deeply rooted causes, from institutional discrimination to cultural bias and transgenerational trauma." #DiversityandInclusion https://t.co/OJqvtB1Wfz https://t.co/tapClJhf3r
RT @sofiajarlo: We need ❤️ diversity ❤️ in books and stories. 👩🏿‍🦱👦🏽👧🏻👶🏿📚#writers #illustrator #DiversityandInclusion #authors #publisher https://t.co/G67s2FxA5m
RT @CoachDiversity: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela Arm yourself with the tools you need to help facilitate change. Become a Certified Diversity Coach: https://t.co/X7EG4d1bQ1 #diversityandinclusion #coachtraining https://t.co/qaNSBxPdYQ
RT @HrCute: Top 10 benefits of diversity in the workplace. {Infographics} #diversity #DiversityandInclusion #cutehr https://t.co/u0cGmwDonT
RT @CoachDiversity: If you're working on setting tangible diversity goals, check out Fast Company's recent article to make sure your investment will be worthwhile: https://t.co/VMc5oWyyBw #diversityandinclusion #diversitymatters
Using social network and semantic analysis to analyze online travel forums and forecast tourism demand – ScienceDirect https://t.co/OCYDKMukSn
3 journal editors on why collaboration is crucial to solving global issues https://t.co/foxDVWFRU1 https://t.co/fRtQgM5aN5
10 Rules of Innovation Management – Part 1: Alignment, Management Support, and Sponsorship https://t.co/g1UzLFTpdq https://t.co/jDFtWuLB0a
What is Innovation Management? | Oracle Innovation Management Cloud | Oracle España https://t.co/57MWwPVZId https://t.co/RKuqQJ0M1w
Why we’ll see more startups built on platforms like Slack https://t.co/OqsrfHw0Hc https://t.co/l022mmWY3H
10 questions to ask marketing automation vendors https://t.co/AURQkh2BHt https://t.co/TPyTzwGSOx
Artificial Intelligence & Your Brand, Identify Your Problems https://t.co/aE5JBZJZVK https://t.co/DkJPVaSvdw
Influencer Marketing Is Maturing: Here’s What You Need to Know https://t.co/YEsPmfiOUG https://t.co/jn2rbhyr2T
#OperationsManagement #COO #PublicRelations #Marketing #Branding #Leadership #ManagementConsulting #DigitalMarketing #Strategy #SocialMediaMarketing #SEM #PR #BusinessCoaching #OrganizationalLeadership… https://t.co/wHn9vz14L3
@Regrann from @michael31thomas - Set a goal and work towards it. #mondaymotivation #COO #Regrann https://t.co/HTp9Bgrcci
@Regrann from @romanstell - "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" #RIPMuhammadAli #Regrann @ Tampa Bay https://t.co/92Or2wsrRv
RT @rasheenacharee: "I believe that racial composition for people of color in environmental organizations and agencies has remained at 12 to 16 percent for decades because of the trauma we face when entering the field." #diversityandinclusion #environment https://t.co/RSQn4ImLcS
RT @davincidiva: Hey @JimCGordon thanks for the follow, and thanks for all you are doing to promote #DiversityandInclusion in the #cybersecurity space! Here's a little sketch of you I did during the @MOJOMaker4WIT panel on #womenintech at #RSAConf2019 https://t.co/LQAPuNd0PP
RT @212XSHINE: #Communitychange #servantleader #Kenyattakwesi shares his #light with us all. Thank you for supporting our students with the #legacy program teaching youth to #celebrateidentities #diversityandinclusion #dreambig #changethenarrative #shineyourlight. ✨💫✨💫✨ https://t.co/UU8BpXXirS
RT @AndrewJAA: Proud to have been be shortlisted for the new Diversity and Inclusion focus category in the 2019 @YEPForum Awards, representing @RWE_UK. Great night with inspirational colleagues from across the industry, and congratulations to the winners! #DiversityandInclusion #YEPawards19 https://t.co/yHWwK8GBu7
RT @hotstonmoore: Swiss women frustated by the speed of progress on equality are to strike Swiss women strike for more money, time and respect https://t.co/mWYXL6ZoSa #genderequity #GenderPayGap #DiversityandInclusion
RT @women2: "A more inclusive workplace means your employees feel happier and more empowered to innovate, grow, and help you outperform your competitors." https://t.co/Hl1FJCT8BR
RT @Sam_Burrington: A #diverse team, is a better team. #DiversityandInclusion https://t.co/j78XSJBaC5
RT @LizMWalker: We need a new language to discuss diversity and inclusion https://t.co/AecfLPEtvq #diversityandinclusion https://t.co/kokPlsALcs
RT @ShumbaConsulti1: With a core lens of diversity & inclusion Shumba consulting works with organizations to develop & deliver engaging and impactful workplace education and management solutions. #shumbaconsulting #DiversityandInclusion #Diversity #halifax
RT @tomibadejoko: So excited to announce that I will be speaking at the #diversityisbeautiful event on the 10th ofJuly @WeWork #bishopsgate .#tvhost #radiohost #speaker #panelist #wework .#DiversityandInclusion @tomibadejoko @WeWorkUK @LydiaAmoah_ https://t.co/HiQQf9MX12
Promotional Items For Marketing: Do They Still Spark Interest? https://t.co/N04od2rbQH https://t.co/P0Am9vQBYb
What Can You Do If Your Dream Marketing Job Turns Out to Be a Nightmare? https://t.co/50yuI1sOWL https://t.co/zB2SSo8RcZ
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Can’t pass the buck: Boards must take charge of enterprise cybersecurity https://t.co/f7Zn58nAHX https://t.co/6k7Tjul87y
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How to Slow Down While Getting It All Done https://t.co/gSSEpBZkOo https://t.co/0M3eZy6IAv
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